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Tajli is a token created on  Solana blockchain. Tajali Token is derived from ancient literature, which means my crown. In ancient times, when coins were created, the image of the king of that country was engraved on gold coins and silver coins. All kings were identified by placing this crown on the king’s head. And to get this crown, you either needed political power or a lot of money! Tajali Token philosophy is also taken from these old stories.
What is the purpose of Tajali Token: In the past, we used to buy goods from other countries by carrying a bag of money. This was done later with a letter approved by the bank. This information was then faxed with the invention of telephone and fax. Then the invention of the Internet made it easier and faster. I have a question. Did all of them work with one of these methods?
How many people when transferring money !!! Has their money been stolen?
How many banks have lost their money with fake letters or fake faxes?
How many people have had their information hacked on the internet and their money lost?
how many ? How many banks?
How many people in international trade have lost their money due to the shortcomings of banks and lack of proper reporting and time-consuming transfer process?
how many ?
Tajali Token’s story begins here. We place great emphasis on international trade. To transfer money from buyer to seller in international trade.
To date, our group has lost one million euros due to the shortcomings of the bank and the lack of transparency in international transactions.
A swift takes at least 1 day and in this one day there is no sleep provider and it is always disturbing.
But a crown transaction on the  Solana blockchain platform is only a few seconds. The world is changing We suggest everyone to move towards this change.
In a few years we will know that the whole world will be super advanced. Any progress requires effort. We will strive for a better life.